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Your money and your life. Your taxes, your investments, your income, your future.

Want your story to have a happy ending?

Your life is not inside a pie-chart or spreadsheet. Personalized financial planning and real-life advice that is relevant to you creates happy endings.

Mike Sena Advisors is a full-service, client-focused fee-only financial planning and money management firm.

Our focus is on a superior client experience. This happens when the highest level of expertise coincides with the highest level of customer service.  Our core clients are business owners, high performing sales professionals and C-suite executives in transition; we help them become the hero in their life.

How are we different? I’m not sure if we are, we might not be. It really depends on your definition of different, and that is what is important.

Here at Mike Sena Advisors, we don’t sell insurance or securities. We don’t produce thick, glossy financial plans of little practical value or benefit. We don’t have a mid-town office with rich mahogany walls and shiny marble floors. We don’t use industry jargon or suggest super-complicated strategies. And, we don’t outsource our money management.

We do clarify and simplify your life. We do seek to understand your situation and then act with faithful diligence and expertise towards your objectives. We do produce financial plans that actually work in your life. We do help you avoid costly mistakes over time, letting you focus on you and yours, living your life. We do enjoy working with good-fit clients on an hourly, project or annual retainer basis.

If any of this resonates with you, if you’d like to make the most of what you have, live more in the present and feel comfortable about an unknown future, then let’s have a conversation. It’s no-cost and no obligation, and will be worth your time, I promise…

Meet Mike Sena CFP®

Fired from his first two corporate jobs, Mike has been on his own ever since, creating and running several businesses. Along the way, he’s learned a lot about life, happiness and money.

Mike is a father, speaker, author, TEDx organizer and weekend polo player who loves working with good-fit clients to improve their circumstances and outcomes. Most of his clients have come from other advisors, most own a business, many are seven-figure wealthy, all enjoy a personalized experience and comfort at night.


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Tim is an experienced professional accomplished in handling day-to-day business operations, launching new initiatives and creating systems to sustain successful companies. He’s married with two teenagers, loves Toastmasters and is an avid player of the French boule game, Pétanque.

Tim manages the back-office and helps ensure a superior client experience.


“What we see depends mainly on what we look for,” is the opening line in Mike’s book, Raise Your Hand if…

Being smart doesn’t necessarily keep you from doing something stupid. Actually, a better word than stupid is human. We are all human and subject to human impulses, desires and fallacies. Our mind and our money are too often at cross-purposes, too many times working against each other. A fix?

As a start, pick up a copy of Mike’s book and read the forty-eight journal-style stories that will educate, entertain and enlighten you about money and life.

From Our Readers

Real reviews from real people who have read the book Raise Your Hand if…

“The author, Mike Sena, takes a complicated, dry subject and makes it simple to understand, more so than anyone I’ve ever seen. Since 1988 I’ve worked in the mortgage lending sector of financial services and am always on lookout for something of value to gift my clients, friends, and realtors. If you are at all interested in taking care of your money and making smart decisions with your money…..this is a book you must have.”

Rena Rogers

“The best part of this book is how clearly and easily it lets the reader see inside the author’s mind. Sena’s blog-post-esque chapters brim with enjoyable and accessible analogies that present complex and (let’s face it) sometimes dull financial concepts through his love for (among other things) classic movies and historical quotations. For a book on the oft-dehumanized industry of financial services, this book was remarkably human.

James Ranson

“Mike’s unique style of condensing , personalizing, and providing answers to his financial management practices and philosophies, drew me immediately towards identifying the aspects of my financial and investing life that required immediate attention. He is quick to share, in a most unusual and disarming anecdotal manner the perks (and pitfalls) of investment strategies, whether for retirement, saving for a child’s college, or wealth management.”

Kim Jordan

“Sometimes a simple message is the best way to get a message across. Mike Sena has done a great job in this book of taking some complex things and explaining them in enough detail that everyday average people can learn enough to be informed. He doesn’t try and explain things in too much detail which is what a lot of financial planners have a tendency to do. His message isn’t about investing but an overall series of short stories that help motivate and encourage average Americans to set goals, develop a process, and become financially free. It’s simple but effective. Nice job Mike!

Chris Hawkins


Simpler Is Better

Simpler Is Better

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… In the early 1300s, a boy named William grew up in a small village in the county of Surrey, nestled deep in southeastern England. From a young age, William was curious about life and the Catholic Church. He entered the...

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Don’t be Razzle Dazzled

Don’t be Razzle Dazzled

In the early days of World War I, before the United States Armed Forces got involved, German U-boats were torpedoing and sinking British and American merchant ships at a rate of about 50 a week. The toll was huge. The U-boats were raining hell in the north Atlantic,...

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Now is the Time to Roth…

Now is the Time to Roth…

There are three good reasons to utilize a Roth IRA. We’ll get to the other two in a moment, at present let’s focus on the third, and I think the best. First, a premise… If you believe in America, believe that the future will likely be bright, if you have a long-term...

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